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Custom checklists for Women in coaching

Using the Flag module I gave Sport Ireland's users a checklist tool to help recruit, develop and retain female coaches in sport.

The challenge

Allow coaches to compile a checklist of items within a toolkit which they can use to make coaching in Ireland better for women.

The approach

Amazing work had already been done by the Annertech team to create a toolkit but a few more features were needed to give Sport Ireland’s visitors a way to make custom checklists.

I created a paragraph bundle which editors can use to build checklists within a Drupal Book and display them on a page for download. Each bundle allowed unlimited checklist items and came with the power of the Flag module ready to go. So Editors only needed to add a title, and each item to a field and Flag magic would add the add and remove buttons for them.

It was styled with the brand colours, allowing the boxes to be different colours depending on the section of the toolkit they are in.

Then I made a place for a users checklist to live and let Flag and localStorage do all the heavy lifting.

The result

A simple and easy to use list of content in wonderfully colours blocks

Screenshot of the checklist

The flag module in action

The nitty-gritty.

By using localStorage the page weight is light and without all the session cookies that Drupal uses for logged in users we have a website that is around 0.39g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits.

There is a feature to download the page as a PDF which we’re looking to improve but the PDF does come in around 80kb with a few items on the checklist so it isn’t a massive PDF carbon wise but the accessibilty of it isn’t ideal right now.

Only do what’s needed

A first reaction to solving this problem was to have user accounts and allow them to log in to a space which retains the information permanently but it seemed like over engineering and not the simplest solution problem, so I looked a little further at the powers of Flag localStorage seemed like a much better idea.

This means users don’t have to worry about account details for a site they might use infrequently, cookies for being logged in, or security breaches.

Visit the coaching toolkit

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