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Presentation templates for TrainingCloud

Some projects aren't lengthy in time, but of great value. Branded marketing material is a must for any startup

The challenge

Create a way for the TrainingCloud team to make marketing material with minimal design skills.

The approach

Screenshot of custom branding in Canva.

After making the website and social media cards it was pretty straight-forward in my mind what TrainingClouds branding looks like, but if I skip to another project or someone else on the team wants to make something then I’m the bottleneck, and I can’t have that!

So I created a Google Slides template which can double up as a fancy PDF maker (for now, we know there’s accessibility issues with doing this) and made a mini pattern library in Canva - because let’s face it, update their templates when Twitter have change their aspect ratio for images at lot quicker than I can if I made a custom Photoshop template. Plus this would mean three Adobe cc subscriptions and no one has the money for that!

The result

a series of layouts in Google Slides The templates in Google Drive and Canva are similar. Right now, the team are familiar with Google products but Canva can probably take them a bit futher, quicker. Think animations, quickly resizing for different social media platforms, their bank of royalty free images. We’ll suck it and see with both for a while and see which we prefer but for now we’ve got templates that can make a variety of different marketing material at the touch of our fingers. Pretty cool for a few hours work.

Sweet, I can already do a lot with these!

When they are used in the wild, I’ll link to them for your eyes to enjoy.

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