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Whoopee: becoming chicken.

hand drawn illustration: Me, wearing a green top, pink dungarees and clear glasses, I have shoulder length brown hair, pink lipstick and a mild look of terror on my face

Hi I'm Justine, designer & developer*

I've been a designer for over fifteen years, during that time I've been a Graphic Designer focussing on print work. I've been a Frontend Developer, learning how to build websites by working between award-winning design and development teams. Most recently I've been the Head of Design at a Drupal dev agency, where I learned a lot about how businesses run.

With a strategic approach to solving design problems I enjoy working closely with clients and find it really helps to get the best solution for your needs.

Having spent the majority of my career working with non-profits and charities such as BirdLife International, the WildLife Trusts and Chatham House, it was a concious decision to start Whoopee! with a strong set of values and be selective with my clients.

You can read more about why I started Whoopee! in this blog post.

How I can help

  • Accessibility Audits & Statements

    Accessibility doesn't need to be scary. My audits are written in plain english and provide recommendations to you and your development team on how to resolve any issues you might have.

    Accessibility as standard
  • Branding

    Rejuvinating your brand doesn't have to be expensive. I worked with WRAP to inject their positive attitude and energy into their new website.

    Take a look at the results.
  • Frontend theming

    I have too many years Drupal frontend theming experience, but I don't stop there. I'll help with your Wordpress and static sites too.

    See what I can make clicking about in Wordpress
  • User experience

    At the end of the day, it's ALL about the users of your website.

    TrainingCloud starts with content

*How I can't help

Fancy REACT and Javascript things. I also have no intention of learning how, if I can't fix your problems with HTML and CSS then it's probably not a sustainable or accessible approach or fixing a real problem.

Content. You probably figured that out already!

Graphics and Illustrations are likely out of the question. I do have some skills here but my style is limited to what you see on this website.

Illustration: my pet chicken, peaches, she's peachy in colour and has a floppy red comb and a look of seriouslness about her

PHP: custom Drupal Modules, API wizardry and migrations

Whoopee! is now closed. So that I can work with people who can do all of the PHP magic most Drupal sites need. Head over to chicken to see my new venture with Rupert Jabelman and a few other friends.

Together we're better. Teamwork makes the dream work. Putting all my eggs in two baskets... I dunno. Just go there!


These values align me with everything I do. Be that working with you or growing vegetables.

Add delight

Give that little extra, make someones day.

Do only what is needed

Make as little impact on the environment as possible.

Build true connections

The best things are made when relationships are open, real and honest.

Celebrate the little wins

Always try to improve, little iterations, then remember to celebrate that success. It matters.

Whoopee: Becoming chicken

Come find me at chicken, my new studio working with others, building a better web