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New subsite launched

After launching LBHFs living independently we got lots of good feedback and praise on the new site from senior officers :)

The challenge

Migrate a website into the new LGD instance.

The approach

We built upon the LDG instance, creating a new module that recognises pages which are associated with the channel they are in, then created a special menu just for that section. Applied some theming logic around the markup for the frontend to know what colour theme we want et voila, subsites were born.

Screenshot of the directory

The migration of the old site to the new was straight-forward, we needed to create only a few new fields for social media links and travel directions.

I learned that we need to really check the data is clean so that we find the right balance between “this is a simple dev task” and “I can tweak this data at the source” moments, but Rupert tells me this is pretty common for all migrations.

The result

A website within the Local Gov Drupal instance which is easier for users to navigate and for H&F to update, saving them over £10k in development cost each year. And a lighter page load coming in at 0.16g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits the homepage and 0.21g for the directory page.

Previously they were 0.49g and 0.81g respectively so this is a huge saving not just in money but in carbon emissions.

Only do what’s needed

We feel this is a wonderful example of only doing what is needed. The website is lighter and faster than the old one, we didn’t rebuild it from the ground up so it was time and money saving too.

Build true connections

Not only has this helped us build a lot more trust with the wider H&F team but we are also helping vulnerable adults find access to life a better and more true life.

Add delight

The subsite module comes with a bright pink version - this makes ME very happy. H&F are pretty chuffed with it too!

Celebrate the wins

This was the first bit of work that Chicken has put live, we need some ideas on how best to celebrate whilst in a remote team (We only live about 5 miles from each other) but we’re looking forward to celebrating this one.

The LocalGov Drupal team are very kind at promoting our work, you might have see the posts on linkedin or twitter. It’s a nice little buzz when someone leaves a nice comment!

See the website

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