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Digital transformation with Neuropool

Neuropool connects talent pools of neurodiverse individuals to diverse employers through career development, skill matching and working with academic institutions.

The challenge

illustration of a people

Croods by Vijay Verma on

A new design was needed on their Wordpress site. The aim was to show participants of the Autism at work summit what Neuropool could do for them. I had 2 days, free reign and a 6 page document of ‘possible’ content.

Neuropool connects neuro diverse individuals to diverse employers through career development, skill matching and working with academic institutions. With a mostly neuro diverse team they embrace the principle of “nothing about us without us” and are passionate about getting people employed into meaningful and worthwhile jobs.

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The approach

With limited time the best approach was to get into Wordpress and see what it could do. They already had Elementor installed and seeing as we’d likely be making a lot of quick content changes before the summit, it made sense to use the tools they already had.

With little to go on design-wise: a logo and a pitch deck which was work in progress I decided to use a limited palette of colours and an easily readable font, and not much more. The blues came from the logo and pitch deck they already had and a few more for accent colours. Montserrat was picked from the small bunch I had available to me. My limited knowledge of designing for dyslexia is that sans serif

Illustrations from provided a quick and diverse set of people to add interest and make the site feel like it is about people.

Icons from the noun project added some context to the process Neuropool walks through with their candidates.

the candidates page for neuropool uses icons from noun project

The result

the employers page for neuropool is in short sections

Jack and the rest of the Neuropool team are really happy with their website, it reflects their goals and they are happy it is getting seen by all those lovely conference attendees.


I’m not finished working with Neuropool, next step is to create an online portal for their candidates to track their employment journey. It’s going to be great fun working on this project some more.

Sustainability report

Homepage before: 4.62g of CO2

Homepage after: 0.35g of CO2

The nitty-gritty


Wordpress is pretty new to me, but it was straightforward to make changes to the website using this plugin. Now the developer in me is freaking out about the bad code that all the pointing and clicking did, but it was versatile enough that I could ensure the right heading tags and alt text where I needed. I recommend this plugin for Wordpress users who like to tinker and get more design out of their site than what a theme would give them.

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