For all, by design.

Why Whoopee!?

To celebrate life & all the wins. Dance a happy dance, Love & Do with all my heart.

  1. exclamation /wʊˈpiː/ Definition of whoopee —expressing wild excitement or joy. “I shouted ‘Whoopee’ and did a happy dance”
  2. Whoopee! is the sound you make when you’ve achieved that little win.
  3. Whoopee cushions. Fart sounds are funny and a big part of my life
  4. Whoopee-do was one of the last words my mum said to me.

Busy Busy Busy

I seem to be booked for most of 2022, which is great for me not so much for the vegetables.

I'm always interested in hearing about a new project though so please do get in touch, it's justine@ (this website).

Illustration: A big bumble bee has done a loop the loop and is flying upwards, it has a little magic dust vapour trail following behind, it's going that fast!