For all, by design.

Designing with Local Gov Drupal

I started working with Local Gov Drupal by doing the designs for LBHF, starting with workshops to understand what we need to build, what currently works and what doesn’t and most importantly for the council, how can we leverage the work of Local Gov Drupal.

During designing the 8 or so web pages (yes I know what I said in the last blog post) it was really nice to be able to look at a handful of other websites including the example site for LGD and deciding where I can afford to spend time being creative.

Instead of redesigning the wheel and having to find the research to back up what I’m doing etc. I can be sure that LGD has factored in Usability and Accessibility from the get go. This free’s up my time to get on with the real uniqueness of LBHF further and deeper than just the branding colours already chosen by council.

Busy Busy Busy

I seem to be booked for most of 2022, which is great for me not so much for the vegetables.

I'm always interested in hearing about a new project though so please do get in touch, it's justine@ (this website).

Illustration: A big bumble bee has done a loop the loop and is flying upwards, it has a little magic dust vapour trail following behind, it's going that fast!