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Goodbye 2022

A year of Air Quality, Local Gov Drupal & Chicken!

I’m not really sure what to say about 2022. It’s been busy, blurry busy. I’ve lost count of how many hours I’ve worked, I think it’s somewhere around 280 full days, which is pretty good because I’ve also managed to work more to my schedule rather than mon-fri 9-5 which makes me feel a lot happier and a lot less stressed. In May I said goodbye to my friends at Annertech and started Chicken, a digital agency, with my good friends and career crutches, Rupert Jabelman and Glenn Barr. All three of us are working on LBHF and at Ricardo. Chicken allows us to package ourselves as a team, you don’t need different contracts with each of us to get our skills. Eventually Chicken will become a co-operative but there’s a fair bit of paperwork to do and plans to iron out before then. What does that mean for Whoopee! Not much really, Whoopee will still exist for now. Think of Whoopee as one chicken in a coop.

Whoopee: Becoming chicken

Come find me at chicken, my new studio working with others, building a better web